One Stop Payment System Solution: QR Transaction Acquier

Internet Communication Legacy EDC

Internet Communication Android EDC

Swipe Card, Chip, NFC​
Mobile Network, Internet Network

All-in-One Android EDC

App on Mobile

SDK/ API for Cashier System

DOCODE Solution

All-in-One Terminal, Integrating QR Transaction with Card Transaction
SDK/ API, Sharing and Combinating with Exiting Cashier System and Hardware
DOCODE Solution Continue Existing Card System and EDC Terminal

Static QR + Merchant App

Dynamic QR + Merchant App

Semi Dynamic QR Solution

Integrated QR Solution Including Alipay, Wechat Pay, FPS, UnionPay, Visa, Mastercard
Common QR Required for Wechat (Alipay) is Supported
More QR from Other Wallet Operators Will be Added and Integrated

In-App Payment

Web-page Payment

Email Order Payment

QR + Account Payment
In-App + Webpage Payment
Real time + Email Notice