Digital Banking

Digital Banking

“Digital Banking Indonesia” event invites C-levels from Banking Industry to join the discussion regarding the trend if digital innovation vs digital integration, secure protection of highly sensitive data, while also set the stage for blockchain and other neaer-future dinancial evolutions.

The session start following the opening speech by Mr. Wan Wijaya, System and Technology Group Country Manager of IBM Indonesia. The focus of this event is utilization of digital innovations through digital solution such as Cloud and Digital Banking to face the digital solutions such as Cloud and Digital Banking to face the digital disruptions especially in banking area.

With the rapid increase in online transactions, a demand for more customee-centricity and the need to meet current and future compliance, every financial institution needs to make sure they have a core banking modernization strategy with the right architecture in place.

Anabatic Tecnologies PocketBank solution is certainlyy one of the answers in this era of digital disruption. In the middle of digital-based trends such as digital interaction, cloud stores, and paperless books, and cashless society, banking industry is already shifting to digital era as we can see through branchless banking, socially enganging banks. AI replacement, and the birth of new competitive landscape. However, the evolution continues moving towards more convenient era, and PocketBank being a digital banking solution will make it happen and turns the era of digital disruption

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